Direct Mail Vs Self Mailing

Direct mailing is a simple method of marketing by mailing a commercially available product directly to potential buyers. Direct mail is not a new concept, but direct mailing has become increasingly popular over the last decade. The direct mailing companies have come a long way since their early start-up in the early 1950s. Today direct mailing is used in everything from direct response mail pieces and coupon books, to business greeting cards, to brochures, direct mailing sheets, mailing lists and more. Below are a few examples of direct mailing promotional items.

If you’re looking for an unusual direct mailing campaign idea, consider sending out an “I Love Arkansas” bumper sticker. These stickers can be found almost anywhere, including sporting goods stores, local restaurants and bars, retail stores, and even online. Print shop in Little Rock can create bumper stickers that can feature a wide array of themes and sayings, or the company could choose to design and print a message specifically for this campaign. The cost of creating a bumper sticker will depend on the printing company, and how much they will be willing to work with. Creating a bumper sticker is a great opportunity for a small business to get out its message and get the name of a potential customer, but only if they can find a printing company in Little Rock that will work with them.

Another direct mailing campaign idea is to give away catalogs, postcards or pamphlets to customers who visit a business during a set period. Many times companies will set up a booth at a trade show or large company event, and then they invite customers to take home a free catalog. This is a wonderful opportunity for a small business to advertise themselves and also give the customer something of value that they can keep and refer back to later. If a catalog is not available, many postcard or catalog companies offer wholesale prices on postcards and other printed products that can be used as bumper stickers, envelopes or direct mailing labels.

Printing postcards is much more cost-effective than direct mailing postcards, though there is some additional material that is required. Many companies that offer mail-in-lists will include a list building software program that can be used to design and print the list. This cost is absorbed into the postcard price because the list building software is included along with the postcard itself. The cost of the list building software can vary depending on the company, so it’s important to ask about it when deciding how to distribute the postcards. If the cost of the list building software is higher than the cost of direct mailing postcards, it may be an option to consider for a small business.

Because direct mailing is generally a one-step process, companies that use self-mailers tend to have a larger list of addresses to send the messages to. On the other hand, if the self-mailer targets only a specific demographic group, they can often have more success with direct mailing because of their ability to target specific markets. It may be a good idea to purchase a larger list than was initially ordered in order to keep track of who is most likely to be interested in receiving the special offers.

When a company plans to send out a direct mailing message, they have a few options. They can either use a classic package or create a self-mailing version of the promotional item. Many businesses prefer the direct mailing version of the promotional item because it is generally more attractive and attention-grabbing than a self-mailing version. Whatever type of direct mailing campaign is chosen, the goal is to create a high-end marketing item that will help boost sales for the company. For more details on direct mailing visit

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